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Florianopolis Surf Trip
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Surf Trip Florianopolis, Brazil

The Ultimate Brazil Surf Destination

So you’re looking for the ultimate Brazil surf trip? Brazil's best waves, consistent and uncrowded breaks and tremendous variety is what your surf trip to Florianopolis has in store for you. There is a good reason why the WCT chose Floripa as the only site in all of South America to host a pro surf tour circuit event – when they're on, the waves in Florianopolis rival those of any break in the world. Floripa, as the city is known locally, is also well known for serving up consistent barrels at many of its famous breaks. So if you want to experience world-class  Brazilian surfing in an unbeatable all around location, you’re coming to the right place.

World-Class Surfing in Florianopolis

Consistent year-round swell and tremendous diversity of beach and point breaks are what you can expect during your surf trip to Floripa . Florianopolis and Brazil Surf Tourits nearby surrounding areas are blessed with more surfing beaches than you can count, and each day of your Florianopolis surf trip you can scope out which beach has the best break and conditions for your skill level.

Exploring Florianopolis Surf

Imagine waking up, having breakfast, and choosing from a huge variety of surf options for the day. For experienced surfers, boat tours to difficult to reach breaks not accessible by car are also an option. We recommend the selection of a highly-trained surf guide who knows the island and its breaks well. With the right guide, he or she won’t just drop you off and let you figure things out for yourself, but will actually be right there with you in the water.

Surf with the world's best surfers during your Florianopolis surf trip, as each year the island holds not only WQS qualifying events but also a major WCT pro surf tour event. During these events Floripa, already a surf haven year round, turns into a true surfer’s paradise as the best surfers from around the world come to town to battle it out on South America’s best waves. The week long event features pro surfing, expositions, parties, concerts and more, and for a die hard surfer there is nothing like being in the middle of it all. Imagine watching the top surfers in the world battle it out in the morning on one of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen, having an incredible lunch, hitting the very same break they were on that afternoon, then heading out at night to an industry party and hanging with the world’s best surfers who came to Florianopolis for the event.

Surfing in Florianopolis also means access to high-performance surf equipment as many of Brazil's best shapers reside here on the island. So rest assured you'll never be stuck without gear in case you have an unexpected equipment emergency or just want to try a new size or shape board on your Florianopolis surf trip. Consider arranging a tour at one of Brazil's top board manufacturers, Tropical Brasil (, whose factory is based just 15 minutes south of Praia Mole Beach. You may even decide to take a board back with you as a souvenir for just a fraction of what you'd pay at home.

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