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Learn To Surf in Brazil
Brazil Surf Camp
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Learning To Surf In Brazil

Learning to Surf in Brazil

So you’ve always wanted to learn to surf, or maybe you’ve just started out and want to take your skills to the next level? Then a surfing trip to Florianopolis is just what the doctor ordered, as you'll be riding waves in no time in a fun, comfortable and safe learning environment.

Perfect learning conditions
are key to making surfing fun from the start and Florianopolis, Brazil is blessed with several incredible beginners’ beaches with gentle waves that are perfect for practicing your technique and getting accustomed to paddling and the feeling of catching waves for the first time. With so many choices of different beaches in Florianopolis, your likelihood of finding ideal conditions appropriate to your level of surfing are extremely high. Another plus is that much of the year Florianopolis has warm water temperature so that you can usually surf with no wetsuit if you prefer.

Professional and personalized instruction make all the difference in the world when learning to surf, because like with any sport, getting started off on the right foot makes things that much easier going forward. The island offers a number of professionally certified surf schools and private instructors that have undergone an intensive training programs to ensure that your surfing gets off on the right foot from the beginning. When selecting a surf instructor, remember that it takes much more than raw ability to make a good teacher – that takes dedication, patience, understanding of the fundamentals of the sport and the ability to communicate all of this in a fun and friendly manner.

The Top Surf School in Florianopolis

Knowledge and technique are central to any beginner surfing curriculum and are what we believe defines the best way to learn and enjoy the sport of surfing. A quality surfing school will ensure that prior to hitting the water you are presented with key information about surfing etiquette, tide and ocean conditions, water safety instruction as well as tips on selecting the right equipment for your ability and particular surf conditions. It is important to start off your surfing experience with all the information you need to be a well-informed and knowledgeable surfer as this will both increase your enjoyment of the sport and decrease the time it takes for you to reach your full potential as a surfer. This is one of the prime advantages of learning to surf with a professionally trained instructor rather than on your own. For more information on surfing lessons and instruction in Florianopolis, contact

Learn to Surf in Brazil with the Pros

When learning to surf in Floripa, your instructors will spend a great deal of time with you teaching and helping you improve your technique, including paddling form, board balance, wave positioning, dropping in, getting to your feet, and once you’re comfortable with that, more advanced topics such as carving and cutbacks. So come to Florianopolis and learn to surf in Brazil with the pros!

Safety is central to everything, particularly the sport of surfing. In addition to the safety instruction you receive prior to entering the water and the direct supervision of a qualified instructor, when learning to surf with the right surf school you can also be assured that you will never be put in conditions that are beyond your skill level. Remember that it is also important to match the appropriate equipment and correct-sized surf board depending on your size and skill to make sure you get the most enjoyment out of surfing from your very first day in the water.

Fun and comfortable learning environment for you to learn how to surf in Brazil. After all, fun is what you are here for! Almost everyone in Florianopolis is passionate about surfing, and rest assured your instructor will Learn How to Surf in Florianopolishope to share that passion with you. Surfing is an incredible sport, one that can stay with you for your entire life. In addition to being exhilarating like nothing else, surfing is also amazing exercise that will help you lose weight and build and tone muscles, all the while being outside and immersed in nature. Many visitors comment that coming to learn to surf in Brazil was one of the best investments they ever made, because not only did they have an incredible time, but also discovered a passion for surfing that will last them a lifetime. So come visit Florianopolis and learn to surf in Brazil with the pros!

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