Brazil Surf FAQ

Where is Florianópolis located and how do I get there?

Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina, one of the richest per capita states in all of Brazil, and is located in the southern region of the country. It can be reached in approximately 1 hour by plane from São Paulo and 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro.

Arriving in Florianópolis from the U.S. is simple – a connection is made in São Paulo with a second leg available directly to Florianópolis. There are direct flights to São Paulo from most major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles and New York, though one stop-over in the U.S. prior to arrival in Brazil is not uncommon. There is a major airport here in Florianópolis (airport code: FLN), located just 20 minutes from your Nexus Surf accommodations.

For promotional discounted airfare and the most direct itineraries available to Brazil, please contact our Brazil travel partner Sabrina at, or call her directly at (888) 456-2224.

Are there any special travel requirements traveling to Brazil?

Yes. As the U.S. requires Brazilian citizens to obtain special visas prior to entering the country as tourists (and charges a $100 fee for the application procedure), Brazil has adopted identical requirements for U.S. citizens visiting Brazil. The process is simple, though it can take up to 10 days to complete, so make sure to start early to avoid any last minute complications. If you live in a city with a Brazilian consulate, you can apply yourself in person. If there is not a Brazilian consulate close to where you live or you can’t get away during the day to drop off your application, there are a number of third-party services specializing in visa processing.

For more information on what is required for processing the tourist visa application, please visit the site of the Brazilian consulate: (see links under “Visas” on right hand side)

Depending on what city you live in and which consulate you will be applying to for your visa there are a variety of choices for third-party visa processing services, such as:

I have heard people talking about Brazil being dangerous, is Florianópolis safe?

Absolutely. While no place in the world is unfortunately 100% free of crime these days, Florianópolis is about as safe a city as they come. The bad rap Brazil has received in the international press is due almost single handedly to the large urban centers of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where crime is rampant due to overcrowding and gross inequities in income distribution among the population. Florianópolis on the other hand has the feel and safety of a sleepy island paradise, and its inhabitants (many of whom moved here specifically to get away from the craziness of big city life in Brazil) go to great measures to safeguard the peaceful atmosphere in the city.

Additionally, you can rest assured because you will be in great hands during your entire stay with Nexus. Along with staying in the best location on the island (stunningly beautiful, safe and tourist-friendly), you will have constant access to the English speaking Nexus team to help out with and explain anything you need. As with visiting any city anywhere in the world, there are certain areas you want to be in and others you’d prefer to stay out of – travel with Nexus and you will always have the luxury of a true insider view on the best places on the island to stay, surf, eat, go out, shop and explore.

What kind of surf board should I use, and do I need to bring my own?

Basically, if the board works on the waves back home, it will work here. As a general rule, local surfers prefer shorter, smaller boards, but that is more for a reflection of Brazil surf style than anything else. You do not need to bring your own board unless you would prefer to, as Nexus has access to a large stock of high-performance Tropical Brasil surf boards ( in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, we offer special tours to the Tropical Brasil surf board factory upon request, so you may want to pick up a custom board shaped just for you while you’re in Brazil and bring it back with you (boards here cost a fraction of what they do in the US and are very high quality).

I always travel to places and surf on my own, why should I book a trip with Nexus?

While anyone is free to book a trip to Florianópolis and break out the tourist guidebook, what Nexus offers its clients is a totally different experience. From the moment you walk off the plane and are picked up by Nexus team you can relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest, knowing that every last detail will be taken care off – deluxe beachfront accommodations, gourmet meals, guided surf tours to the very best and secret surf spots on and around the island ideal for that day’s conditions, lessons in a fun and comfortable setting for beginners, transportation to day time and night time activities and total VIP access to the best A-list nightlife Florianópolis has to offer, a huge variety of extreme sports options at your fingertips, rental car, local cell phone use, breakfast service and a true insiders view to incredible Brazilian culture. In sum, the best waves, the best surf excursions, the best parties, access to unreal extreme sport adventure options, total comfort, convenience, safety and simplicity. All for less than you would pay per night for a decent hotel per night back home.

You should also know that Brazil is a destination where travelers are often surprised to find that the average person on the street (taxi drivers, store clerks, hotel receptionists, etc.) does not speak much, if any, English. Being immersed alone in a foreign culture such as this can be bewildering for many, who end up feeling frustrated because they miss out on tons of great experiences that local culture has to offer by staying isolated in their particular traveling group and are unable to find the best surf and nightlife spots that Florianópolis is famous for. Nexus not only demystifies Brazilian culture, it provides you access to the very best it has to offer and allows you to see things through the eyes of a local. Travel with Nexus and you won’t just see Brazilian culture, you will experience it!

What are others saying about the Nexus Brazil Surf Experience™?

Below is a sample of testimonials from some of our most recent visitors:

“On the flight down to Brazil, we talked about how our trip couldnít possibly live up to the lofty expectations set by the Nexus website. However we werenít on the ground long before we happily realized that Nexus actually under-promises and over-delivers. Floripa provides great surfing for all abilities, wild parties, delicious (and affordable) restaurants, and world-class natural beauty. Oh, and the views of the ocean, mountains, and lagoon arenít too shabby either. Quite simply, Mexico and the Caribbean donít even compare. Despite being physically exhausted every day, we always felt relaxed because the whole Nexus crew took care of everything from the time we got off the plane until we were sadly dropped off at the airport. We canít wait to go back.”

-- Ted, New York/New York

"NEXUS Surf was THE ultimate surf destination experience. We were supplied with a top notch surf guide, an extremely well connected nightlife director, high quality accommodations right across from one of the main beaches, and a well stocked quiver for a variety of conditions. There was great surf every day and parties every night. The only thing missing was sleep- and that was our choice! We are definitely going back."

-- Elliott, San Diego/California

“Floripa was everything promised and more. Nexus Surf took care of everything and all we had to worry about was waking up to go surfing and how many bottles to order in VIP. Flight was a concern at first, but turned out to be well worth it!”

-- Craig, Las Vegas/Nevada

“We came to Floripa as Barnies, we left as Barnies with great tans, a few choice words of Portuguese in our toolkits, and stories that would get us arrested back in the U.S. Long-live Nexus Surf!!”

-- Brendan, San Francisco/California

“The Nexus Surf experience delivers! Expectations were quite high coming into this trip and Nexus exceeded all of them. Great waves, insane nightlife, and awesome beach pad all blended into a unique local experience.”

-- Tom, San Francisco/California

“The only reason not to visit Florio with Nexus is because you may not want to go home. Ever! Florio is a truly enchanting place, and offers the best of all worlds… incredible surfing, secluded surfspots and beaches (you have to see Lagoinha do Leste and Praia Mocambique to believe them; our boat surf tour to deserted Lagoinha was one of the many highlights of my trip!), insano nightlife, beautiful people and fantastic restaurants, it doesn’t get any better than this! Call me crazy, but I’m trying to clear my calendar already so I can come back in three months already.”

-- Ryan, San Diego/California

“Florianópolis, Brazil has to be the only place in the world where a tourist is never made to feel like one. At least that was my experience with Nexus — I spent an incredible 11 days basking in the Brazilian sun on powdery white sandy beaches, enjoying the best surf of my life and marveling at the many beauties that only Brazil can offer both on the beach and at the clubs—which put even the most exclusive Hollywood venues to shame. Nexus Surf made it all happen in true VIP style!”

-- Tim, Orange/California

“Floripa was amazing. The water was warm and the waves were tons of fun. The beaches were breathtaking and filled with beautiful girls. The nightlife kept us going until the early morning. The guys at Nexus Surf were excellent guides to everything and made this a trip to remember. I can't wait to come back!”

-- Mark, San Diego/California

“So many good times, I don’t know where to begin. Surf, women, food, weather, beaches, ridiculous nightlife - you can't beat Brazil!! The whole trip ran so smoothly and was hooked up from A to Z, thank you NEXUS SURF for everything! I'll definitely let you know when I head down again...... hopefully soon!”

-- Dylan, San Francisco/California

"My time with Nexus in Floripa had to be one of my best vacations ever. From the amazing waves and relaxing beaches, to the incredible food and ridiculous nightlife, this place has everything. Not to mention our host, Nexus, really hooked us up. It's always a much better trip when your guide knows what beaches to surf (and when) and what nightclubs to go to (and when). Not to mention Brazilians are really friendly and laid back – with Nexus I feel like I got a really privileged look inside Brazilian culture. Can't wait to go back"

-- Gene, San Diego/California

“I will never vacation anywhere else in my life.”

-- Kirk, San Diego/California

When is the best time to visit Florianópolis?

There is no definitive “best time” of the year to visit Flórianopolis. You could ask ten locals this question and receive ten different answers. Each season in Floripa offers distinct characteristics, and which of these are most attractive depends on individual preferences. The goal here is to outline these characteristics in order to assist you in determining which time of the year will suit you best.

January, February: These months encompass the Brazilian high season, when most of the country takes summer vacation and heads off to beach destinations (not unlike Europe in July and August). The high season in Flórianopolis begins the day after Christmas and continues through the end of Carnaval, the date of which varies from year to year but generally falls toward the end of February. During this time of year Florianópolis is in high gear, all cylinders go. The weather is warm (average highs – January: 82°, February: 83°), beaches are packed, nightclubs and bars are jumping, restaurants are often filled to capacity, and the atmosphere is vibrant as jet-set vacationers from all over South America arrive to enjoy the beauty of Floripa in all its summer glory. Events and parties sell out quickly, big name international DJ’s pass through the clubs on a regular basis (i.e., Fat Boy Slim, Sasha, etc.), and Brazilian actors and models are seen all around the island’s hot spots. Sun seekers descend on the island in great numbers and everyone takes to the water – windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, boating, and of course most famously, surfing. The only drawback of this time of year is that the island at times gets overcrowded, particularly during the weeks of New Year’s and Carnaval, when prices also go up quite a bit. Since the island’s infrastructure and roads were not designed for the swell in population, car traffic can be severe, and lines at the best bars nightclubs can also be intense. Fortunately, visiting Floripa with Nexus minimizes these issues to the greatest extent possible. For one, you will be staying in the very best location on the island, the place to be with respect to summer revelry and conveniently located to the very best Flórianopolis has to offer in terms of surf, beaches, nature, culture, dining and nightlife. You shouldn’t waste valuable vacation time by risking ending up in an undesirable part of the island during this time of the year and having to deal with traffic to get to where you want to be each day. With Nexus, not only will you be in the very best location on the island from the start, you’ll also be in the hands of the experts who know when there will be traffic and where, and thus how to minimize any annoyance caused by it. The same goes with nightclubs and restaurants, since with Nexus you will always enter as a VIP, no waiting in line and with the best table reservations all set up for you in advance, hassle free. For surfing, despite being summer time, there is generally still a high probability of scoring great waves during your stay, and overheads are not uncommon. Because of the tremendous variety of beaches on the island and their varying angles of exposure to the Atlantic, if there is any swell at all there will for sure be at least a few breaks that are “on”. This is another important advantage of visiting Floripa with Nexus, as each morning we will scope out the very best conditions for you, whether north or south on the island or on the continent, and take you there. Also a great time for beginners who would prefer to learn with gentler waves. For those rare days when there is no swell whatsoever, the weather is warm and perfect for enjoying the many outdoor adventure activities that Nexus offers in lieu of surfing, such as river rafting, sand dune boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, paragliding or horseback riding. In sum, these months are great for those who want a vibrant, high energy vacation, an incredible beach and nightlife “scene”, warm tropical weather that is perfect for enjoying the surf and all the other outdoor action sport activities available here, and don’t mind a bit of congestion here and there or the absence of double-overhead swells.

March, April: In the above mentioned “poll” of locals, probably the months getting the highest number of votes would be March and April. During these months, the weather is fantastic and warm (average highs – March: 81°, April: 77°), the crowds of visitors have subsided (and with them the overcongestion of the island), water temperatures are at their warmest, and the locals let loose. Nightlife and the beach vibe continue on strong, carrying on the energy of the high season. Swells pick up as April approaches and there are epic days to be had on the water. Also an excellent time for beginner and intermediate surfers, as our beginner beaches offer protected coves with gentler waves even when bigger swells come in. On days when swell is less than perfect, weather is ideal for letting Nexus lead the way in exploring the many gorgeous nature trails on the island leading to waterfalls, mountain vistas and pristine lagoons, partaking in the many action/adventure sport options offered by Nexus, or accompanying us on city tours and excursions to get an insider’s view into wonderfully exotic local culture. Long evenings are perfect for barbeques with friends and lazy dinners with plenty of caipirinhas before heading out on the town.

May, June, July: During this time of year, the swells continue to pick up in force and double overheads are not uncommon. Wetsuits are desirable for all but the most cold blooded surfers, and lineups thin out as temperature-sensitive Brazilians tend to prefer to stay out of the cold water. The most consistent and powerful swells in Floripa are to be had between April and October, and these months are the focal point of that period. One downside for surfing is that in May and June some of the beaches close (many only partially) for mullet fishing season (unfortunately for surfers, fishermen got to the island long before we did, and Brazil is a place where long-standing traditions tend to be honored). Luckily this closure is by no means a problem, as Floripa has so many great surfing beaches and plenty of them remain open (including most of Nexus “mainstay” beaches and Praia Mole that is directly in front of and walking distance to your accommodations). For beginner surfers, our best beginner beach is also unaffected by the fishing season, while also remaining sheltered for the most part from larger and possibly intimidating waves despite the increasing swell intensity on the island generally. However, if you were enticed by the chance to try out 20 different breaks in 7 days and the equivalent of a surf smorgasbord, this is not the time of year for you. The nightlife and “scene” on the island slow down a bit, but are still incredible by just about any standard. Floripa is a state capital with a population of roughly 400,000 year round residents and is without a doubt a fully-functioning year round city independent of tourism (as opposed to many Brazilian vacation resort destinations that pretty much shut the doors outside of the high vacation season). The island itself has three large universities and there are many more on the continent nearby, so you can rest assured the nightlife goes strong year round, just about every night of the week. While the problem of long lines at nightclubs and bars encountered at times during the high season is less common, Nexus’ value add in the nightlife department is perhaps even more important than in summer. During this time of the year there is usually just one party or club on the entire island that is “on” per night (as opposed to summer, when there are many, just that the good ones can be difficult to get in to!), and without knowing where to go and when, it is difficult to fully experience the nightlife that Floripa is famous for, particularly with the spread out nature of the island. Weather wise, the beach is still a great option on nice days in May and gets comfortably full on weekends and holidays, as is occasionally also the case in June and July as well (average highs – May: 73°, June: 69°, July: 68°). But for the most part, this time of year does not offer tropical beach-type weather, instead it is more like San Diego in the springtime. Sunny days are warm and pleasant, though at night it can cool off quite a bit because of the proximity to the ocean, so make sure to pack some long sleeved evening wear this time of year. In addition to the surfing, this is a fantastic time of year for nature hikes, cycling and all the other great outdoor activities that Nexus makes available to you (horseback riding, river rafting, sandboarding, paragliding, etc.). And of course all the charms of Brazilian culture and Floripa in particular, such as the warm and friendly people, incredible cuisine and local seafood specialties, local customs and festivals, and enchanting local atmosphere, are as omnipresent as ever. Overall, these months are excellent for those who don’t insist on tropically warm weather and won’t miss laying out in the sun at the beach each and every day, are comfortable with a slightly less “electric” social scene (again, statements with regard to nightlife slowing down must be taken by Americans with a grain of salt, as anyone who parties with Brazilians in even the calmest of circumstances invariably walks away shaking their head wondering how they manage to do it!), and are looking for the most powerful swells and most consistent surf, a more low-key atmosphere, and to enjoy the many other outdoor activities Floripa offers. A final benefit is that Nexus’ “low season” pricing kicks in during these months, so it is also a great time for those who are looking to save some money while still having a fantastic surf/adventure vacation.

August, September, October: Springtime in Floripa means a continued onslaught of powerful Atlantic swells pounding the many surf spots on and around the island, making epic surf sessions par for the course. The weather begins to heat up gradually (average highs – August: 69°, September: 70°, October: 73°), but wetsuits are still necessary and lineups remain thin as many Brazilians prefer to wait until things heat up. September and October are generally windy months in Floripa (great for kitesurfers!), so the best surfing is normally done before noon to 1pm. The atmosphere on the island remains more low key than in the high summer season, but nightlife and cultural events and festivals continue on strong, particularly on weekends and holidays (and rest assured Brazilians have lots of holidays, seemingly one for just about every half famous person in the history of the country!). For those sensitive to the weather and looking for a tropical vacation, this is not the best time to come to Floripa. Nor is it the best time for those wanting to learn how to surf for the first time, as swell intensity tends to be at its strongest (though there are always beaches with gentler swells somewhere on the island, so certainly not prohibitive for beginners). In sum, this time of the year is great for those who want powerful waves with less people in the water and those looking for a calmer, more low key atmosphere and who don’t mind the weather being a bit less friendly. These months close out Nexus’ “low season” pricing.

November, December: By mid-October the weather in Floripa is already heating up, and with the kick-off of the WCT pro surf tour event at the end of the month, the Floripa beach scene officially launches back into full swing. The WCT event is a week plus long festival that brings the worlds best surfers, loads of fans and sponsors, as well as performers and tag-alongs, to the island to celebrate one of its favorite pastimes in full splendor. Much of the population of the island attends the surf competitions, which are generally heated and often come down to the wire (last year’s Kelly Slater v. Andy Irons head to head in nearby Imbituba was unforgettable). But the surfing is just the start – the WCT brings sponsor events and booths, special concerts and activities, and of course the famed after-parties. With Nexus you will have complete insider access to all the competition’s events and parties. It’s not quite the Super Bowl, but for those who love surfing, it is hard to match the excitement in the air in Floripa during this time of year, as the whole town that already lives and breaths surfing year round goes into a frenzy. Watching the world’s best surfers out on the water and being able to surf the same breaks shortly after the competitions end, and then seeing them out on the town at private after-parties in the evenings is tough to beat. The local beach scene picks up again in full swing as the weather warms up (average highs – November: 76°, December: 79°), as does the nightlife and the “vibe” on the island. The wind can still occasionally pick up in the afternoons, making pre-noon surf sessions ideal (followed by lunch and afternoon siestas to gear up for the night on the town, city/cultural exploration or any number of Nexus’ other action sport options). All in all, a fantastic time of the year to visit Floripa as all its charms are at or nearing full bloom, ideal for those looking for a good balance between great weather, fun surf with tail end of the large swell season, classic Brazilian nightlife and great social vibe on the island.

Who is Nexus Surf?

Nexus Surf was founded to meet the growing but as of yet unmet demand for high-end surf/adventure travel to Brazil, one of the most exciting and exotic travel destinations in the world. While there are plenty of traditional “surf camps” around, no one comes close to offering the array of options that Nexus brings to the table. For Nexus, incredible waves and mind-blowing surfing are just the beginning. Having chosen Florianópolis as its home base, Nexus is able to offer not only world-class surfing with tons of variety and incredible consistency, but also dining, nightlife and extreme sports options to rival those found anywhere else in the world, all in a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty and exotic Brazilian culture. Thus the concept of the Brazil Surf Experience™, which is designed not only to be the ultimate surf vacation, but in addition the chance to experience the many wonders that Florianópolis and Brazilian culture have to offer.

The competitive advantage that makes the Brazil Surf Experience™ truly unique lies in the strength of the Nexus team, each of whom are 110% dedicated to ensuring that your vacation with us is everything you hoped for and more. With unparalleled customer service and the goal of making each customer feel as if they got a true insider’s view into the best that this wonderful place has to offer as pillars of our operating philosophy, it is no wonder that Nexus clients tend to leave Florianópolis wearing huge smiles and looking forward to come back for more. The Nexus team includes:

Nexus Surf - Hans Keeling
Hans Keeling, Founder & Managing Director. An avid skateboarder, windsurfer and snowboarder growing up as a youth in Marin County (Tiburon), California, Hans discovered the sport of surfing in 2004, something that would forever change his life. Hans was at the time practicing corporate law in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, building on a career that included work experience in the US, Europe and Asia with the international law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell during which he advised clients in the execution of over $20 billion worth of capital markets and M&A transactions. Looking for new challenges and work that he would find personally fulfilling, Hans made the decision to follow his passion for adventure sports, foreign cultures and travel, as well as a strong entrepreneurial nature, and dedicate himself to the launch of Nexus Surf. Hans oversees all aspects of Nexus’ business, including operations, sales & marketing, finance and legal, and is responsible for ensuring that the overall customer experience exceeds expectations in every way possible. Hans graduated from Stanford University and UCLA Law School, speaks fluent Portuguese and German, and resides in Florianópolis year round. Hans can be reached via email at
Nexus Surf - Joao Farias
João Farias, Surf Director. João was born and raised in Florianópolis and has been surfing for over 13 years. As a result, he knows all of the breaks and secret spots on and around the island inside and out and has developed a keen understanding of how prevailing weather and current conditions effect wave shape and quality at any given location. After competing for several years in regional surf competitions, João took a break from the competitive surf circuit to enroll in Florianópolis' well-known private university Unidade Catarinense de Ensino Superior, where he is currently in the final year of completing his studies, majoring in Marketing. Prior to entering the university, João lived and worked in Australia for over a year, where he perfected his English while also managing to sneak away to surf nearly the entire Gold Coast. Thanks to international surf trips to Indonesia, Chile and Hawaii, as well as extensive travel to domestic hot spots within Brazil, João is extremely well traveled and has a great sense for what travelers expect out of their surf trip with Nexus. Thoughtful, intelligent and articulate, João is well known and respected in the Florianópolis surf community, and very much enjoys the thrill of interacting with surfers from all over the world. João is responsible for overseeing and training Nexus' staff of surf guides, as well as organizing and leading surf excursions himself. He also assists with general operational matters, web site development, and coordinating a variety of logistical matters when clients are in town. João can be reached via email at
Nexus Surf - Xandinho Fontes
Alexandre “Xandinho” Fontes, Nightlife Director. Born and raised in Florianópolis, Xandinho has surfed the island nearly his entire life. In addition to surfing in much of Brazil, Xandinho has traveled extensively, including several trips to the United States, where he lived for some time in the San Diego area, and surf excursions to Baha, Mexico. After studying International Business for some time in Florianópolis, Xandinho decided to focus on what he loved most – surf, parties and event planning. Since 1997 Xandinho has worked at WQS and WCT pro surf tour events throughout Brazil, working with athletes, sponsors and event organizers in a variety of capacities. Since 2001, Xandinho has also been organizing parties and events relating to these competitions. Xandinho seems to know just about everyone in Florianópolis, including restaurant, bar and club owners, and his connections and relationships add greatly to the VIP aspect of the Nexus Brazil Surf Experience™. Xandinho was born with surfing in his blood – his father is President of the Santa Catarina State Surf Federation, served as a judge on the WCT pro surf tour global circuit between 1986 and 1996, and, in addition to sitting on Florianópolis’ city council, is one of the three principle organizers of the WCT pro surf tour event that takes place in Florianópolis each year. Xandinho is responsible for organizing and overseeing Nexus’ nightlife component and regularly leads groups out on the town. Xandinho also assists with various business development matters, including partnership formation with companies such as surfboard manufacturers and local service providers, and oversees the "Nexus Divas", Nexus’ up-and-coming team of Brazilian promotional models. Xandinho can be reached at
Nexus Surf - Renata Asprino
Renata Asprino, Activities & Administrative Director. Renata was born and raised in São Paulo, the business and finance capital of Brazil, where she lived until 2002. While in São Paulo Renata studied International Business and earned her postgraduate degree in Business Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas, one of São Paulo’s best respected universities. Upon graduation, Renata traveled extensively throughout the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, spending significant time in the US, Germany, Egypt, Israel, South Africa and Denmark, where she was able to perfect her English and German. Upon returning to Brazil, Renata decided to follow a lifelong passion for nature and outdoor activities and move full time to Florianópolis, a location that afforded her the chance to live in a true nature lover’s paradise. Here she developed a career in receiving international tourists from around the globe, showcasing the very best the island has to offer and assisting in the organization of all facets of their travel arrangements. Extremely passionate about her work, a fact which shows in all she does, Renata has developed a specialty in eco-tourism, which today forms an important part of the Nexus experience. Full of positive energy and incredibly knowledgeable about the many diverse activities Florianópolis has to offer, Renata oversees the planning and execution of Nexus’ non surf-related activities. Renata also uses her business administration background to assist with overseeing logistical matters, interfacing with Nexus customers to ensure that their vacation experience runs smoothly. When not working, you'll most likely see Renata on a nature hike, mountain biking, or discovering a new waterfall or other natural wonder in Florianópolis to show future clients. Renata can be reached at
Nexus Surf - Ernesto Hecker
Ernesto Hecker, Director of Surf Instruction. Originally from São Paulo, Ernesto has surfed for over 20 years, including international surf experience in California, Hawaii, Baja Mexico and Australia. Growing up surfing some of São Paulo’s best known breaks such Ubatuba and São Sebastião, Ernesto went on to compete in a number of amateur surf tournaments. Moving to Florianópolis full time in 1999, Ernesto enrolled at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, where he graduated with a degree in Physical Education. Ernesto is a certified surf instructor (Level III) with the Santa Catarina Association of Surf Schools (Associação Catarinense de Escolas de Surf) and is a registered member of the Santa Catarina Surf Federation (FECASURF), the Brazilian Surf Confederation (Confederação Brasileira de Surf) and the International Surfing Association (I.S.A.). In addition, Ernesto completed an intensive English-based instructor training program (Surf Instructor Level II) in Sydney, Australia at the Manly Surf School. Ernesto is also a certified lifeguard and speaks fluent English and Spanish. Ernesto is responsible for Nexus’ beginner surfer curriculum and instruction program and oversees a staff of 3 assistant professors, each of whom are also certified surf instructors and lifeguards. Ernesto can be reached at
Nexus Surf - Mauro Filho
Mauro Filho, Wind and Kitesurf Director. Originally from Recife in northeastern Brazil, Mauro moved to Florianópolis in 1992. For over two decades Mauro has dedicated himself to wind and kitesurfing and is well respected throughout Brazil as one of the pioneer athletes and instructors in each sport. Through originally trained as an electrical engineer, during a 1994 windsurfing trip to Aruba Mauro decided to make a career out of the sports he held so dearly. Upon returning to Brazil, Mauro founded a school for wind and kitesurfing and began to perfect his teaching techniques, which to date have successfully introduced hundreds of new enthusiasts to the sports. Each year Mauro takes time to travel the Brazilian coast to scope out new wind and kitesurf hotspots with his wife, currently one of the top ranked female competitors on the professional kitesurf circuit in Brazil. Mauro provides lessons (for beginners) and guided tours (for advanced wind and kitesurfers) for Nexus clients, sharing the benefit of his many years of experience teaching and scouring the island of Florianópolis and its surrounding areas (including world-renowned wind-sport meccas Ibiraquera and Garopaba, both within an easy hour or so drive from Nexus’ homebase) for wind and kitesurf hotspots
Nexus Surf - Tatiana Marques
Tatiana Marques, Massage Therapist. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Tatiana came to Florianópolis in early 2005 and instantly fell in love with the vibrant culture, nightlife and natural beauty on the island, as well as the calm and safe environment. Having studied massage therapy in Rio, Tatiana moved to Florianópolis to continue her professional education full time and open up her own massage studio, conveniently located walking distance from Nexus’ accommodations. The ambience of her indoor/outdoor massage studio is a treat for the senses that must be experienced to be truly appreciated, complete with soothing music and breathtaking views of lush green mountains and the Lagoa da Conceição lagoon. Tatiana provides massage and physical therapy services to Nexus clients by appointment (make sure to call early, as after a long day of paddling out in big waves the line for massage appointments can grow quickly!!), in addition to being available to consult with clients regarding surf-related strains or pains. Tatiana can be reached at
Nexus Surf - Pete Jozsi
Pete Jozsi, Marketing Director. Pete grew up in Chicago, Illinois and attended Indiana University, where he graduated with a B.S. in Biology. A die-hard surfer, Pete relocated full time to San Diego in 1999 to be closer to the ocean as well as to further his marketing career, working for several life sciences companies prior to accepting a position with Invitrogen, an industry-leading multinational biotech firm. Pete has spent the better part of the last decade surfing throughout California and Baja, in addition to logging trips to Indonesia, Maldives, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Hawaii, and of course his personal favorite, Florianópolis. Pete brings over seven years of product development and marketing experience to Nexus, as well as a genuine passion for surfing and surf travel, and heads up Nexus’ U.S.-based marketing and brand-awareness efforts. His extensive surf travel experience, which includes visits to several traditional "surf camp" destinations arranged by Wavehunters and WaterWays, allows Pete to provide key insights to maximize and continually improve the Nexus customer experience. Still fine tuning his Portuguese, Pete is conversational in Spanish, and currently lives in Del Mar, California. Pete can be reached via email at

Nexus Brazil Surf Experience