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Praia Mole Beach
Nicer than any Florianopolis hotel
Floripa Hotel
Hotel in Florianopolis
Lagoa da Conceicao
Nicer than any Florianopolis hotel
Luxury Acommodations in Praia Mole

Florianopolis Hotel

Where to Stay in FlorianopolisFlorianopolis vacation rental

Deciding where to stay in Florianopolis is an important decision as the island, while not huge, is quite spread out (to drive from the southern most tip to the far north takes approximately 2 hours). For this reason, finding a central location for your stay, close to the action and best beaches you'll want to have easy access to, is key.

For accommodations in Florianopolis we recommend the services of Floripa Vacation Homes, offering a variety of ideally located and fully staffed vacation rentals in beautiful Praia Mole beach. Sandwiched between two gorgeous beaches with world-class surf and the stunning Lagoa da Conceição lagoon, Florianopolis hotels cannot comparePraia Mole is also just minutes away to the island's best dining, nightlife and boutique shopping in the nearby Lagoa towncenter, a vibrant and charming area that has been dubbed the 'crowned jewel' of the island. Filled with trendy cafes, stores, outstanding restaurants and offering some of the best nightlife you'll find anywhere in the world, the Lagoa offers everything you'll need while on vacation in Florianopolis. Also, as Praia Mole is situated directly in the center of the island, it serves as an excellent launching pad for excursions to the many gems spread around the island.

Aside from being comfortable and conveniently located, Floripa Vacation Homes accommodations feature all the amenities you would expect when on the road (WiFi, central A/C, international phonelines with free calls, cable TV, stereo with iPod hookups, high-quality bedding, fully kitchen, etc) and the benefit of highly attentive on-site staff to help ensure that you are well taken care of from the time you arrive at the airport until the moment of your departure. All of the company's accommodations include a personalized concierge so that you'll always be pointed in the right direction with respect to activities, tours, restaurants and nightlife. Having access to Floripa Vacation Homes' friendly and knowledgeable English-speaking staff, and their in-depth knowledge of the culture and local vendors, restaurants, clubs and service providers, will help to ensure that you'll get the absolute most out of your time in Florianopolis!

With respect to activities and adventure sports, Floripa Vacation Homes accommodations are centered in the premier location in Florianopolis, directly across from two world-class surfing beaches and with private access to the Lagoa da Conceição lagoon, a postcard-perfect natural wonder ideal for boating, kite surfing, wakeboarding, swimming and fishing. You will also be just a short drive (4-5 minutes) from two other world-class surfing beaches (one of which regularly hosts WCT pro surf tour events), a great beginner beach with calm waters and gentle swell, Florianopolis hotels cannot compare and a huge variety of other adventure sports activities, including sand dune boarding, yoga, paragliding, horse back riding, snorkeling, rapelling, jiu jitsu and more!

Florianopolis Hotels

Unfortunately Florianopolis hotels as a general rule tend to be poorly maintained and lack the charm and service levels that most international travelers expect. There is currently only one international-level hotel on the island, a Sofitel, however it is located in the downtown business district far from beaches and the island's best attractions. Most of the hotels near the beaches are simple, poorly run operations that lack the ambience and amenities which go a long way toward making a vacation truly special. As such, rather than staying in a hotel, we recommend the added comfort and convenience of a fully staffed vacation rental in Florianopolis. Because while hotels in Florianopolis for the most part offer a substandard experience, the charm and comfort of your own private beach house means you can relax and enjoy your Florianopolis vacation to the fullest.

In order to be able to fully explore the island and it's many wonders, a rental car is highly recommended during your stay. You won't be driving far, since the island is small, however as things are relatively spread out having a car is important for convenience and mobility. With regard to nightlife, your personal concierge can call you a driver so that you won't need to drive yourself to bars and clubs (taxis are not readily available and must be ordered, though the drivers almost without exception do not speak English!). Returning home from a night out on the town is easy, however, as there are always taxis waiting out front of bars and clubs to take you home. For larger groups, your concierge can arrange van service to handle all your transportation needs, day and night.

For the added convenience and independence, Floripa Vacation Homes provides guests with local cell phones upon arrival to facilitate staying in touch. So whether you're in your Floripa beach house or out and about around the island, you'll always have a lifeline and access to your concierge to answer questions or resolve any problems that may arise. The importance of this cannot be underestimated, since a large majority of service providers around the island do not speak English and having someone to call to clear up doubts can make all the difference in the world. Not to mention the fact that with your concierge's 'insider perspective' on what to do and where to go on the island, you'll likely have an entirely different experience than a regular tourist fumbling around on his or her own would normally have.