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Brazilian Culture

Experience the Best of Brazilian Culture

Brazilian culture is one of the most fascinating in the world. The only Portuguese speaking country in South America, Brazilian culture has managed to blend elements of many diverse cultures into one incredible mix that is unique in Brazilian Historical Building its uninhibited flair and passionate way of life. For centuries Brazil has symbolized a bold escape into a primordial, tropical paradise, igniting the Western imagination like no other South American country. From the intense passion of Carnaval to the immensity of the Amazon jungle, it is a country of mythic proportions and staggering natural beauty, with stretches of unexplored rainforest, islands with pristine tropical beaches, dramatic coastlines and endless rivers. And of course there are the people themselves, who delight visitors with their charm, sensuality and vitality, of which Carnaval, surf, samba, capoeira and the omnipresent beach and party cultures are just a few of the many wonderful byproducts.

Brazilian culture is known for its fun-loving, relaxed and generous nature and Brazilians are truly an incredible people. It is completely normal in Floripa to chat with a local on the beach or at the supermarket and next thing you know, you are invited over for caipirinhas (a distinctive local drink) and to meet family or friends in their home. The phrase “no stress” will take on an entire new meaning for you after spending a week in Floripa, where the culture is focused more on enjoying life than climbing the corporate ladder. Where else in the world could you imagine a week-long nationwide celebration of the intensity of Brazilian Carnaval?

Floripa Fishing BoatBrazilian culture is synonymous with a love for music, parties, dance, food, festivals, sports and, last but certainly not least, the beach. It is not possible to overstate how much Brazilian people love the beach. When the sun comes out, Brazilians go there to enjoy nature, exercise, play sports, socialize or just hang out. The vibe and atmosphere on a popular Brazilian beach cannot be described in words and must be experienced, as it has an energy and vibe all its own.

Florianopolis Culture

Another thing Brazilians are known for is love of sports. Florianopolis culture in particular is one of the most active and adventure-sports crazy in the world. During a casual trip across the island you are sure to see tons of people jogging, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, playing soccer or going to the gym. In addition to hosting WCT pro surf tour events, Florianopolis, Brazil also hosts a wide array of other tournaments ranging from Iron Man competitions and marathons to sailing regattas and Davis Cup tennis matches (the famous Brazilian tennis player and three time French Open Champion Gustavo “Guga” Kuerten is from and still lives in Florianopolis).

Brazil is equal in size to the continental United States (not including Alaska and Hawaii) and Brazilian culture has as many subtle variations as you’d expect from a distance spanning roughly from that of California to South Florida. Florianopolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, is located in the south of Brazil and has some very unique cultural aspects due to the influences of early German and Italian settlers in the region. While unquestionably Brazilian, Florianopolis culture has some strong European accents as well, something that is reflected in the greater organization, cleanliness and safety of the city as compared with some other parts of Brazil. This blend has also had a strong influence on the appearance of the people, who are known as some of the most beautiful and exotic looking anywhere in the world.

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