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Brazilian Models
Brazilian girls
Florianopolis Surf Divas
Florianopolis Surf Divas
Florianopolis Surf Divas
Beautiful Brazilian
Brazilian Surfer Girl
Florianopolis Girl
Florianopolis Girl

Florianopolis Models

Florianopolis Surf DivasFlorianopolis may be known for its beautiful beaches, but as the Nexus Divas go to show, this isn’t the only stunning scenery you’ll see on the island.

Organized initially as an informal way to promote the Nexus brand at surf contests and special events, the Nexus Divas have quietly developed into a budding modeling agency with a knack for discovering Florianopolis' top Brazilian models.

The Nexus Divas were photographed on site at Nexus headquarters in Praia Mole by highly regarded photographer Reinaldo Gama. Based out of São Paulo, Reinaldo is one of the most sought after photographers in Brazil's ever-competitive modeling industry.

Nexus Divas Calendar

Nexus DivasNexus proudly announces the release of its annual Nexus Divas Calendar featuring some of the island's most beautiful scenery and the Nexus Divas. Full color and high-gloss, the calendar makes a great gift or better yet, keep it for yourself to count down the days until your next Floripa trip!

Reinaldo Model Shoot Video

Florianopolis Surfer Girl


Nexus Divas