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Floripa Kitesurfing in Brazil
Florianopolis Kitesurfing
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Florianopolis Kitesurfing
Kitesurfing in Florianopolis

Brazil Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Brazil

Florianopolis offers some of the best kitesurfing in Brazil. While not yet as well known a kiteboarding destination as northern Brazil, Florianopolis is an ideal spot for your next kitesurfing vacation, offering excellent kiting conditions and tons of variety for both advanced and beginner kitesurfers looking to learn to kitesurf in Brazil. Full infrastructure is available for kitesurfing as well as windsurfing in Florianopolis.

The best kitesurfing conditions in Florianopolis arrive during springtime (September, October and November). However, given the island’s unique topography andKitesurfing in Florianopolis exposure to the Atlantic tradewinds, it generally offers excellent kiting conditions all the way through March. Even during the rest of the year, Florianopolis generally provides suitable kiting conditions from mid-afternoon on, offering overall 250+ kiteable days per year. Add the unmatched beauty of Florianopolis’ beaches, vibrant atmosphere, surf and other adventure sports options, incredible nightlife and dining, and you’re talking about the ultimate Brazil kitesurfing holiday.

The beautiful Lagoa da Conceiçao is a large salt water lagoon that is a fantastic kiting spot for beginners and advanced kiters alike. Praia Mole beach is another great option for experienced kiters looking for waveriding sessions. In addition, the island offers numerous other kiting sweet spots including downwinder’s paradise Campeche beach and little known windsports mecca Ibiraquera, one of the southern hemisphere’s best kiting destinations blessed with powerful and consistent winds, three separate lagoons on which to kite and truly breathtaking natural surroundings.

For detailed wave/wind information on Floripa's primary kiting spots, check out Wind Guru locations Lagoa da Conceiçao, Campeche, Praia Mole and Ibiraquera. Experience shows that you should add 4-6 knots to the stated wind speeds at the Lagoa da ConceiÁ„o as the lagoon benefits from thermal inflections that increase actual wind strength as compared to what is stated on the site.

Learning to Kitesurf in Florianopolis

For those interested in learning to kitesurf in Brazil in a beautiful location, look no further. For beginners, there are a variety of top notchkite surfing schools in Florianopolis that will have you enjoying the sport in no time with expert instruction, top notch equipment and in complete safety. An entry level course generally focuses on the basics of the sport and will take you through all phases of wind and tidal awareness, site assessment, and safety procedures necessary for proper kiting. Depending on conditions you may start off on dry land learning the basic techniques of kite handling with a practice kite before progressing to the lagoon, doing body drags and water starts with full equipment. Most beginners will be getting up and riding by the end of their third day. If conditions permit, you’ll be able to put your skills to the test, stepping up to a larger kite and taking on upwinding, where you will improve your riding stance and ability to ride further distances. More advanced topics include: rigging and tuning, assisted and self-launching/landing, relaunching from the water and performance tips including edging and multi-directional riding. With the benefit of an expert kite instructor you will be speeding across the waves and flying high in no time!

Kitesurfing Excursions in Florianopolis

For experienced kitesurfers, kitesurfing excursions in Florianopolis and nearby kiting hotspots along the Santa Catarina coastline are not to be missed. Since wind conditions on the island can change rapidly, an experienced guide will ensure a safe and smooth excursion to day’s best conditions, maximizing your time on the water. There is no better way to experience Florianopolis kiteboarding than out on the road searching for the day's best conditions.