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Florianopolis Nature

Nature In Florianopolis

Florianopolis NatureFlorianopolis Sand

While Florianopolis, Brazil is best known for its incredible beaches, world-class surfing and vibrant nightlife, Florianopolis is also blessed with natural beauty and scenery which words alone cannot describe. Florianopolis nature includes tremendously varied topography such as stunning coastlines, powerful waterfalls, expansive sand dunes, large lagoons, deep and winding forests, guarded coves and natural tide pools.

Take for example Praia Mole beach, famous throughout Brazil for its stunning natural beauty and featuring top-notchFloripa natural beauty waves and an electric social scene during the Brazilian summer season. Just steps away from Praia Mole lies the untouched nature preserve of Praia Galheta, also a world-class surf and hiking spot, flush with natural tide pools. To top it off you'll be surrounded by lush green mountains that encircle the world famous Lagoa da Conceição lagoon, creating what is surely some of Florianopolis' most picturesque scenery.

Florianopolis Scenery

To get a better idea of the island's layout, click here to view our Florianopolis map.Dawn Floripa Beach As far as accommodations, we recommend staying in the center of the island, on the eastern side (where the most beautiful beaches lie, facing the open ocean), as this is both the most picturesque and vibrant part of the island and also serves as an excellent launching point for excursions both to the north and the south of the island. From this location, in just minutes by car you can access much of the most beautiful Florianopolis scenery. Click here for more information on vacation rentals in Florianopolis.

Florianopolis offers many great spots for snorkeling and diving where you can marvel at the spectacular marine life of Brazil’s Southern coast. Your stay also affords the opportunity to see many of the species of birds and flora unique to this region of Brazil as well as soft white sand dunes that not only make for a stunning visual, but also are incredibly popular for sandboarding. And just a short drive off the island await beautiful rivers that are perfect for day long white water rafting trips. Simply put, if you’re a nature lover, you will undoubtedly appreciate Florianopolis' natural beauty .

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