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Partying in Floripa Brazil
Florianopolis, Brazil party
Florianopolis night club party
Florianopolis, Brazil Party

Florianopolis Nightlife

Florianopolis Nightlife

In Florianopolis, the amazing time you have surfing in paradise-like surroundings during the day is only the beginning. Your visit to Florianopolis will also include a nightlife component worth the trip all on its own. Unlike many surf destinations where you may get good surf during the day but at night are left with no choice but to play scrabble while swatting mosquitoes in the middle of nowhere, in Floripa you will have access to some of South America’s hottest nightlife and best dining options.

Brazil is known worldwide for its lively parties, beautiful people and appreciation for living life passionately. It is not in any way an understatement to say that you have not really partied until you have partied with BraziliansNexus Surf Nightlife in Brazil, and more specifically, experienced Floripa nightlife for yourself. Your biggest challenge when it comes to nightlife in Florianopolis will most likely be getting out of bed the next day in time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and host of adventure sports activities that await you.

The Best Clubs in Florianopolis

Like anywhere, it pays to be “in the know” when it comes to nightlife in Florianopolis. While anyone can book a flight to the island, finding the the best bars and clubs in Florianopolis, on the right nights of the week, is not so simple. As such, Nexus is here to help you find out more about the local party scene. Below is a list of bars and clubs in Floripa that we recommend as 'must see' during your stay on the island:

Confraria das Artes --
El Divino Lounge --
Posh --
Taiko --
Cafe de la Musique --
Pacha --
Vecchio Giorgio --

The Best Restaurants in Florianopolis

In addition to the best nightlife and parties in Brazil, your visit to Florianopolis also means a gastronomic tour of a variety of excellent restaurants, everything from Thai, Japanese, Arabic, French and Italian cuisine, and of course authentic Brazilian barbeque. Visitors are consistently surprised by the high-quality dining in Floripa. Here are some recommendations for restaurants in Florianopolis not to be missed:

Thai --
Cafe Cultura --
Big Blue Dining Club --
Bianco Lounge --
Ponta das Caranhas --
Ostradamus --

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