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Brazil Surf Holiday
surfing on floripa surfing holiday
Surfing Holiday in Brazil
Kitesurfing in Brazil
wave on brazilian surfing holiday
Surf Holiday in Floripa
Wave Swell Brazilian Coastline
Florianopolis Surfing

The Ultimate Brazil Surfing Destination

Florianopolis WaveWith nearly 100 miles of pristine coastline, Florianopolis is blessed with over 40 beautiful beaches and is home to many world-class surf spots such as Praia Mole, Joaquina, Campeche and Lagoinha do Leste, while numerous other renowned breaks lie within close reach just south of the island. Although Brazil may be best known for its powerful beach breaks, Florianopolis and the south of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina have a diverse mix of points and rivermouths as well, providing a tremendous variety of waves suitable for all levels of surfers.

Florianopolis’ place among the world’s best surfing spots is illustrated by the fact that it plays host to the only WCT pro surf tour event in all of South America. The island has a culture that is deeply intertwined with surfing, something that makes a surf holiday in Brazil an even more incredible experience for those that live and Brazilian Surfer From Below breathe surfing. A genuine surfer’s paradise thanks to its year-round consistent swell and diversity of breaks, Florianopolis has waves that cater to all surf abilities, from first time surfers to the most experienced and hardcore big wave riders. Beginners typically enjoy learning amid the calm waters and gentle swells at beaches such as Barra da Lagoa and Galheta while more experienced surfers have a seemingly unlimited variety of spots from which to choose from.

Florianopolis Surfing

For more detailed information on Floripa's most popular surf beaches, see our map of Florianopolis (the surfing beaches are those fronting the eastern Atlantic coast of the island). In addition to all the incredible surf spots Floripa has to offer, during your Florianopolis surf holiday you will also be in close proximity to numerous other renowned breaks just south of the island such as Guarda do Embaú (a goofy footer’s dream surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery, serving up quick barrels at the rivermouth and a peaky beachbreak along its shore), Praia Rosa in Garopaba (home to another hollow lefthander with right peaks scattered throughout the beach, complete with stunning views of nearby offshore islands and an electric summer beach scene that can make it hard to concentrate on the waves) and many more.

All of these incredible surf spots are well within driving range during your surf holiday in Florianopolis. For more specific information relevant to your particular surfing skill level, please click on one of the following links:

Beginner Surfers in Floripa Experienced Surfers

Seasonal Variations in Floripa Surf

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Florianopolis sees its most consistent surf during the months of April through October when the southern hemisphere’s Atlantic seas send major swells pounding into the South American coastline. Water temperatures range from the low 70’s into the mid 60’s, hardly the frigid temps surfers in the US are accustomed to. As a side benefit, the cooler water temps thin out the temperature-sensitive (read: spoiled) local lineups considerably, often resulting in epic and uncrowded surf. Though the beaches themselves are generally less crowded during this time of year (save for weekends and holidays), the nightlife is as consistent as the surf and firing just about every night of the week. These dates make for an ideal Brazilian surfing holiday for those wanting to maximize their overall surfing experience .


This time of year is perfect for those looking for a great balance between great surf, incredible nightlife (shifted up a few notches from April-October, and then a few more notches during the Brazilian vacation season of New Year’s through Carnaval), fantastic weather and warm water temperatures. Though the surf is less intense, you are still likely to score solid waves (overheads not uncommon) thanks to the consistent swell and large diversity of surf spots on and around the island, at least a few of which are likely to be “on” at just about any given moment. The beach and nightlife scene is unparalleled during these months, particularly during the Brazilian vacation season (Christmas through Carnaval), providing a unique blend of quality surf during the day and outrageous nightlife in the evenings. These dates make for an ideal Florianopolis surfing holiday for those wanting to maximize their enjoyment day and night, in and out of the water.

For further information on Florianopolis’ seasonal variations, please visit our FAQ’s page.